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At The Gilbert Group, we manage properties as though we own them ourselves. Our 52 years of ownership and management experience has allowed us to recognize that property management is a key factor contributing to the success of an investment property.

We strive to optimize rental income without sacrificing the vacancy factor. We seek to minimize operating expenses without compromising the quality of service to our tenants. We also look to the following three primary components of managing a successful commercial property.

When these components are practiced effectively and in unison, a property’s short-term profitability and long-term value are maximized, resulting in a sound investment for our client.

The Gilbert Group is unique in its ability to lease managed properties efficiently. We have been specialists in leasing commercial property within our market. That strength has significantly provided added value to our clients by maximizing profitability.

The Gilbert Group is further enhanced with Yardi Voyager software that allows us to keep property owners informed with up-to-date operating budgets, year-to-date actuals and customized monthly and quarterly financial reports.

The Gilbert Group is the proud nine-time recipient of the Consumer Choice Award for business excellence in the category of property management.


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