The Gilbert Group is excited to announce our newest partnership with Thrive Companies. We are actively leasing 16,000 square feet of unique retail space at Quarry Trails. The project will be comprised of a 62-acre metro park, as well as a mixed-use development. Located just off of US Route 33 in Columbus, Ohio.

Quarry Trails will be a community among a natural, unmanicured Metro Park. The Metro Park will be the defining feature and amenity for residents and guests of the development. This unique arrangement is accomplished by way of a partnership formed between Thrive Companies and the Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks. Quarry Trails will gain an amenity, and the Metro Park will receive access and utilities to the park; critical, and expensive infrastructure.

Altogether, the Quarry Trails site is 607 acres. The mixed-use development will occur on an 80-acre parcel located on the Southern edge of the site. Metro Parks owns 180-acres directly West and North from the Thrive Companies’ land. The new Metro Park will be home to high-end amenities that will rival any comparable Metro Park in the Midwest. Thrive Companies also owns a ±250-acre parcel on the Northern portion of the site. This parcel is subject to a mineral lease and will remain an active, low-intensity, quarry until the operator vacates leaving Thrive Companies with additional development opportunity.

  • Mixed-use Development details: Office – planned 43,000 square feet; Retail – planned 16,000 square feet; Residential – planned 293 apartment units; 520 for-sale units
  • Currently leasing 16,000 square feet retail/restaurant space with significant outdoor seating
  • Project is a part of the larger scale Quarry Metro Park development
  • Can build-to-suit per your business needs
  • Favorable area demographics: Population of 114,182 people; 49,001 households; Average household income of $119,408